Transforming IT nationwide for Brooknight Security

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Brooknight Security Limited for over ten years.

Brooknight Security Limited offer security services nationwide and we support their two offices in Edenbridge and Milton Keynes.

In that time we have reconfigured their IT systems, brought a clear IT strategy into play and developed new applications to help them run their business more efficiently.

Services provided

Creating a clear IT strategy

When we started working with Brooknight Security they were operating two separate IT systems, causing inefficiencies and frustrations.

They lacked a clear IT strategy to support the business’ rapid growth.

We worked with them to create a plan which would streamline their systems and create a robust foundation for future IT developments.

Brooknight has grown by 760% in 5 ½ years. Heliocentrix’s technological ideas to help us get across some of the major issues that we’ve had was invaluable.

Chris Fieldhouse, MD of Brooknight Security

Reducing IT issues to increase productivity

While we do offer excellent IT support, our aim is that our clients should rarely need to use it.

This was particularly important for Brooknight Security since their operatives work 24/7 and need technology which doesn’t let them down in the middle of a night shift.

We consolidated and upgraded their existing systems, introducing Microsoft 365 to give them high quality, reliable software which can used from any device, anywhere.

Easy to budget IT support

No IT systems are perfect, so it was important that support was available when needed.

Brooknight Security use our Managed IT Support services. This gives them the reassurance that help is on hand and the manageable costs of a monthly service agreement.

Custom developments

Building on this strong foundation, we have also supported Brooknight Security with specific development projects. One example is a training application we custom built:

With around 600 staff spread around the UK, Brooknight Security found it difficult to manage their training requirements. We developed an application which enabled them to centrally monitor the training delivered to all members of staff. As a result, their training team can work more efficiently and ensure that all staff receive the training they need.

Mobile Device Management

Another project was to implement Mobile Device Management (MDM). Brooknight Security had an issue with staff personalising their company mobile devices and setting phones to remain unlocked at their home addresses.

By introducing MDM we were able to standardise the set up across all phones and return control of mobile devices to our client.

The result

Over the years we’ve worked with Brooknight Security we’ve transformed their IT from a haphazard set of legacy systems into a robust strategy, which will support their business for many years to come.

Align your IT systems to your strategy

If any of these issues sound familiar, then we can help.

Call us on 01732 600 170 to discuss your business and how Heliocentrix can transform your IT.

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