Looking for an all-in-one solution to your multi-site business? Look no further.

Microsoft 365 offers the latest Microsoft apps, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (& more) to be accessible by all the management and their teams across your multi-retail or business site and their own home.

What is Microsoft 365?

Remember Microsoft Microsoft (2013 – 2019) – and all it’s programmes – you would purchase upfront, install on your PC and use for life? Well, Microsoft Microsoft 365, on the other hand, is a cloud-based service that requires monthly or annually (your choice) payments to use all Microsoft’s tools and apps for a limited period of time without having to install on your PC.

Why is Microsoft 365 better than having Office installed on your PC?

Rather than being locked to one single machine, Microsoft 365 allows you to login from any machine or mobile device. This is the benefit of it being cloud-based. If you need to access your emails (Outlook), calendar or files created, you can login to any machine across your multi-retail or multi-site business and login. You may find you are stuck for accessing files, checking emails and calendar times if these are installed on the PC locked into the office.

Remote-Working Services

Microsoft 365 for Universities, School and Colleges

Microsoft 365 for Single-Site Retailers/ Businesses

Microsoft 365 for Multi-Site Retailers/ Businesses

Microsoft 365 for Home-Based Business
(w/ Freelancers)

Microsoft 365 for Solopreneurs in Business

What are the benefits to a multi-site retailer or business?

Aside from being cost-efficient for a monthly subscription, able to be accessed by a multitude of PCS (so new PCs do not need to be purchased), Microsoft 365 offers a solution to allow your team to share documents and have team meetings virtually. It doesn’t matter if the PC you have runs Windows or is an Apple MAC, whether it is a laptop or desktop. The full list of benefits include:


● Host online meetings and video calls for up to 250 people with Microsoft Teams.
● Chat with your colleagues from your desktop or on the go with Microsoft Teams.
● Bring together all your colleagues’s chats, meetings, files, and apps so you can easily connect and collaborate from one place with Microsoft Teams.
● Create team sites to share information, content, and files throughout your intranet using SharePoint


● Email hosting with 50 GB mailbox
● Use your own custom domain name (for example, yourname@yourcompany.com)
● Business-class email on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and the web with Exchange
● Manage your calendar, share available meeting times, schedule meetings, and get reminders
● Schedule meetings and respond to invitations with ease using shared calendars
● Schedule meetings and respond to invitations with ease using shared calendars


● 1 TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing
● Work on a file and save it directly to OneDrive or SharePoint; your changes are updated across your synced devices
● Share files with external contacts by providing access or guest links
● Securely share documents and send emails so only those with the right permissions can access the information
● Access and sync files on PC or Mac and mobile devices

How much is Microsoft 365?

Exchange Online

£3.00 user/month

(annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT.

Services included 

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

(formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)

£3.80 user/month

(annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT.

Includes Microsoft Teams for easy remote working.

Office apps included 

(Web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint included.)

Services included 

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

(formerly Office 365 Business Premium)

£9.40 user/month

(annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT.

Includes Microsoft Teams for easy remote working.

Office apps included 

Services included 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

(formerly Microsoft 365 Business)

£15.10 user/month

(annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT.

Includes Microsoft Teams for easy remote working.

Office apps included 

Services included 

Microsoft 365 Apps for business

(formerly Office 365 Business)

£7.90 user/month

(annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT.

Only Include apps

Office apps included 

Services included 

See full feature.

Can I buy Microsoft 365 directly?

You may need a helping hand with the setup of Microsoft 365, or have some questions where picking up the phone and getting an instant response will come in handy. As a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner our team are trained and qualified in the use and installation of Microsoft 365. For that niggling question you may have, or error message, purchasing Microsoft 365 from us, means you have the option of reaching out to us. You also have the option of utilising our monthly managed IT Services. You have options and we’re here for you as a first line of support.

How Long Does It Take To Install Microsoft 365?

For multi-site businesses and retailers, this will depend on the number of users (staff) and potentially the number of sites. After our initial conversation, we aim to have a quote to you within 5 working days and to have your system installed and up-and-running within 14 working days. We have worked with multi-site businesses requiring installation on 500+ machines and the installation has taken up to 6 months. We highly recommend speaking to us sooner rather than later with any questions you may have.

What Next Steps Do I Need To Take?

To enquire about getting Microsoft 365, simply complete our CONTACT FORM below or give us a call directly on +44 (0) 1732 600170 between the hours of Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. We’ll go through how many users, how large your files are and plan next steps on the phone.

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