Education IT support for Sydenham School, Lewisham

Sydenham School is a secondary and sixth form girls’ school in Lewisham, London. With over 1,400 students and a focus on STEM subjects, technology plays an essential role in maintaining their high standards of education.

Sydenham School

We were delighted to be asked to tender for the contract to support the school’s IT provision.

Services provided

Problems the school faced

While Sydenham School had a reasonable quantity and quality of IT hardware, their software was not being maintained appropriately, causing potential security risks.

In addition, their on-site support, while knowledgeable in some areas, was not responsive enough when issues arose.

As a result, the school was experiencing problems such as:

  • Students unable to log in to PCs during lessons.
  • Slow log in times, taking up precious teaching time at the beginning and end of each lesson.
  • Laptops were older devices and becoming unreliable.
  • Teachers didn’t feel that the IT technicians on site were approachable.

The school also lacked an integrated IT strategy to support their future plans.

The bigger picture

When we started working with Sydenham School it was important that we reviewed the ‘bigger picture’. Just fixing isolated issues would have worked in the short term, but we wanted to provide the school with a robust IT solution for years to come.

With this in mind, we carried out a full site audit across all aspects of technology used at the school. This helped us to identify problem areas and plan the way forwards.

Summer holiday sort out

One of the advantages of working within the education sector is that the six week summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to carry out IT work with minimal disruption.

And work we did!

We wiped their entire IT set up, so we could start from scratch.

We rebuilt over 1,000 machines.

We reconfigured their entire network.

We purchased 520 new laptops, at an economical price thanks to our partnership with HP.

And we implemented our plans for a modern, robust, secure IT set up, to provide the IT service the school deserved, now and in the future.

On-site support services

We provided full time on-site support with one of our IT engineers, Harry. This has provided the school with an approachable, efficient expert, when help is needed. And, of course, Harry has the back up of the full Heliocentrix team to provide additional support when needed.

IT support during the challenges of Covid

The Covid pandemic started to impact the school shortly after we had begun working with them.

It’s important that when you’re working with an IT provider that they understand the needs and the priorities of the school and how a school functions. Heliocentrix always recognise that learning and teaching comes first.

Gill Pooley, Deputy Head Teacher, Sydenham School

We supported them to quickly adapt to the situation in several ways:

  • Redesigned laptops to make remote working easier for staff.
  • Implemented Microsoft Teams to improve remote learning facilities for students.
  • Switched the onsite engineer to providing remote support.
  • Increased the availability of other engineers, to help staff and students adapt to the new ways of learning.

The result

Sydenham School now have the technology to achieve their ambitions and the support to guide them along the way.

The school have noticed many improvements since we came on board, including:

  • IT set up is more robust and secure.
  • Students can log in to laptops quicker, so less time is lost during classes.
  • Remote working is easier for staff and students.
  • Fewer support tickets are raised.
  • Issues are dealt with more quickly and easily.
  • IT is no longer seen as a barrier to the school’s ambitions, but an opportunity.

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